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Fernando Siqueira is a Brazilian photographer who loves to click on the streets. He studied photography in the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM - SP) and also with his mentor Carlos Moreira. In december 2014 studied with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris in the Miami Street Photography Festival. Fernando has been teaching photography for the past 10 years and is the owner of FS Academy of Photography in São Paulo.

 - Exhibitions, awards and books

  • IX International Biennial of Art in Rome - awarded the eighth best works (including paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc) in 2012 Exhibitor;
  • Merit Award in the category Documentary & Street of the B&W Child Photo Contest in the 1st half of 2014
  • Collective exhibition "Protests in Brazil - Riots in Brazil", in Trafo Gallery, also in Prague in 2014.
  • Exclusive exhibition called "Contemporary Brazilian Photos - Současná Brazilská photos" in 2014. Promoted by Gallery Pod Schody together with Nativ Gallery and headquartered in the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Group exhibition "FotoArte II" at Alice Hotel in São Paulo in 2013;
  • Group exhibition "Paris" Shopping in Santo André in São Paulo 2013;
  • Curator of the exhibition "The eye of the photographer" in 2013 in Recife. Permanent exhibition now at the Hotel Des Arts in Recife;
  • Group exhibition called "Tribute to Robert Doisneaut" organized by Fotoclube Pernambuco in 2014.
  • Curator and exhibitor at the group exhibition "Fotografia Além dos Olhos" ( Photography Beyond the Eyes) in 2014 at Gallery Dumaresq, in Recife.
  • Curator and author in the collective book "Fotografia Além dos Olhos" ( Photography Beyond the Eyes)
  • Info: Fernando Siqueira, Luiza Andrade Correa, Filipe dos Santos Mota and Santiago others, São Paulo: Attitude Earth, 2014. 164p .; 12x21cm. ISBN: 978-85-67744-01-8